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【2week Review】Is the REALFORCE for Mac really a good keyboard?

It’s easy to get swamped in the keyboard world. I’ve heard that the keyboard swamp is deep and difficult to get out of, but I never dreamed that I would be in it.

Depending on who you ask, HKKB or REALFORCE can be the entrance or the exit to the keyboard swamp. I’ve been using the REALFORCE for about two weeks, and this article will introduce my impressions.

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There are many YouTube videos introducing REALFORCE, and I’m sure many of you are familiar with the name, but REALFORCE is a so-called high-end keyboard.

Here are the products that I actually purchased↓

The most distinctive feature is that the input method is the capacitance non-contact method, which will be introduced later, but it is not the only feature. But that’s not the only feature. It also has a number of functions that are not present in ordinary keyboards.

For more details, please refer to the REALFORCE official page where the features are listed.

About the capacitance-free contact method

It’s no exaggeration to say that people buy REALFORCE because they want to experience the capacitance-free contact system. Let’s take a look at the capacitance-free contactless system that captivates everyone.

There are many different types of keyboards, but all of them basically detect the input by physically bumping the electrodes inside the keyboard against the electrodes when the keys are pressed.

However, in the case of REALFORCE, which uses the capacitance-free contact method, the electrodes do not physically collide. In the case of ordinary keyboards, the electrodes physically collide with each other, but the capacitance-free method detects the change in capacitance when the electrodes get close to each other to some extent, and the input is detected by this detection.

Aside from the difficult theory, this simply increases durability. And the best feature of all is that it creates that “squelching” feeling that is expressed on YouTube.

If you want to quickly experience this keystroke feeling, I recommend the PIN keyboards attached to ATMs at 7-Eleven. It is a keyboard that uses this capacitance non-contact method.

Two-Week Review of REALFORCE for Mac

This is a review of the REALFORCE, which I actually used for about two weeks. As it turns out, it’s a great keyboard for the price, and I’d like to continue using it in the future.

First of all, let me tell you the story behind my purchase.

Background of the purchase

As you can see from the “Tech” category of this blog, I am working in the system-related field. I mainly work as a network engineer, but I became interested in programming and I am still learning.

As soon as I realized that I wanted to do programming, I searched for “programming” on YouTube, and what I found was a video on the “Engineer Channel”.

I was completely hooked on this channel, and as I was searching for various videos, I came across this one.

Yes, I wanted to use the same one that my favorite person was using. That was my only motivation.

What I felt after using it for two weeks

▲By the way, I bought the tenkeyless model. Considering that I was going to put a trackpad on it, a numeric keypad was not an option.

I can honestly say that the feel and look of the keyboard are all great. However, I have yet to find the value for money.

This is not about whether or not the product is worth the 24,900 yen (tax included), but rather the fact that most of the benefits of REALFORCE are durability.
(▲Quote of the day?)

So I’m glad I bought this keyboard when I want to continue using it, and the real advantage is that I won’t need to replace the keyboard in the future.

(But only if you are not in a keyboard swamp)


In this article, I introduced my impressions of REALFORCE for Mac after using it for two weeks. This is the first time I have written a proper review and gadget article, how was it?

I hope this article will be helpful to those who are considering using REALFORCE.

Here are the products that I actually purchased↓

VOICEROID+ Tomoe Minoyasu EX Download Version


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