Even in the game world, warp zones are not always obvious【How to connect new knowledge to work】

While working at my day job, I have been doing various side jobs such as web production, web writing, and video editing. My acquaintances at my main job know that I earn money by doing various things, and they often ask me how I acquired new knowledge.

In reality, it is not the method of acquiring new knowledge that is important, but rather the use of the knowledge that does not exist now to make money that is most difficult, but there are surprisingly many people who are constantly accumulating knowledge that does not lead to money.

Therefore, in this article, I would like to introduce what I have personally thought about the process of gaining new knowledge and making money.

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First, let’s get rid of the idea of making things easy.

All human beings really want to have fun if possible. That’s why articles with the headline “How to become something effortlessly” get more access. When the start and goal are fixed, “warp is chosen as the best way to get from the start to the goal.

Think about it. Is there a warp zone for every game? Are there warp zones in every game, and are they clearly visible?

If you think about it, it’s not so easy to clear a stage in a game. At best, there is a midway point.
(I’m totally picturing Donkey Kong 2 in my mind.

There is always a path from the start to the goal. And even if the path is different, the direction to the goal is the same, so there are people in the world who reach the goal in unexpected ways.

There is no right way to reach the goal, so I would like you to take in information such as “Is there a different way that is right?

Beware of social network solicitation accounts.

When I am trying to gain new knowledge, I follow a few people on social networking sites who specialize in that field. I thought this would give me an idea of what they do and what their schedule is like.

However, in any field, there are those who target the weak-minded. I was told, “From no experience, become a professional writer in a month and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month! How to do it! Please don’t be fooled by these people and buy expensive products.

You can easily find out who is trustworthy and who is not by doing a little research. If you still don’t understand, you can ask the author directly.

The table of contents of a reference book is a roadmap

I’ll stop trying to make it easy, but I don’t even know the big picture. I’m sure many of you are. That’s where you should be worried, and it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on it.

For example, let’s say you have decided that your goal is to learn a certain language and become a programmer. Then, let’s replace the goal with being able to develop the app you want to make first.

If your goal is to develop an app, there are many such reference books in the world, and I would like you to pay attention to their table of contents. If your goal is to develop an app, there are many such reference books out there, and I want you to pay attention to the table of contents. Completing each of the headings in the table of contents is the main path from the start to the goal.

Take on projects where you can get paid for your knowledge.

▲When you can worry about your work like this, it’s proof that you’re gaining knowledge.

Once you’ve put in the proper effort and finally have the knowledge in the field, you can actually use that knowledge in your work. One method I used to do this is to take on projects that I know I can’t do right now, but I know it’s not impossible.

Not only does this allow you to experience the flow of receiving a job, but it also means that the job must be accomplished. Not only do you get to experience the flow of getting a job, but you also get to know that the job must be accomplished, so you have to create a situation where failure is not an option, and replace accomplishing the job with a goal.

Now that you have the knowledge, you have a different starting point than you did at the beginning. On top of that, you actually know what you need to learn to get that job done.

As you are learning, you can clearly see the areas you do not understand. Since the maximum number of knowledge is different from the starting point, the test range of a test is completely different, where if you understand this much, you get 100 points. You already know that there are pages in the textbook that you haven’t opened yet.

I know I’m repeating myself, but when you actually take on a task and put in the effort to accomplish it, it helps you understand how the knowledge you’ve learned so far will actually be used, and the learning that needs to be done becomes obvious.

In my case, I have done this repeatedly to accumulate new knowledge and earn money.


It’s all about putting your thoughts into writing and sending them out. Nowadays, more and more people have the image of blogging as a way to attract customers and make money, but I think this is the essence of blogging.

In any case, I don’t want you to become someone who only has knowledge. I don’t want to be a person who only has knowledge. The knowledge that you think you have is usually something that very few people in the world have.

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