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Some of the improvements I made to my blog to pass Google Adsense

I started this blog “tamocolony” with a resolution at the end of June 2021.

I have been posting blogs at a high pace until now (2021-09-04) when I started my blog.

I’ve been posting at a high pace until now (2021-09-04), when I started my blog. I’ve been saying that earning money is not my goal, but there’s nothing better than having money coming in. Rather, if it is for the benefit of someone else, we need a return as well.

In order to do so, we need to obtain the right to use Google Adsense, an advertising distribution system by Google.

In order to do so, we need to pass the screening (ordeal) prepared by Google. In this article, I will introduce some of the efforts I made to pass the screening.

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Receive Google Adsense acceptance email

※The English translation of this tweet says this.

I’ve finally passed Google Adsense.
I just wrote about it as a “future goal” in my last month’s review article yesterday🍨
Yay!!!! 🍨🍨🍨🍦🍦!

By the way, this is my 64th day of daily blog posting. Almost every post has been over 2000 words.

– seitåmø / Seitamo (@tamocolony) September 3, 2021

As you can see from this tweet, I’ve been posting my blog for 64 days.

In fact, I had applied for Google Adsense once when my blog was about 10 posts old.

On Twitter, there are people who have passed the Google Adsense review with only self-introduction articles, and likewise, there are people who have posted more than 60 articles but failed the review more than 10 times.

It is important to note that Google does not disclose the criteria for Google Adsense and what you need to do to pass.

Be aware that there are companies on Twitter that charge high consulting fees to help you pass Google Adsense.

Things to keep in mind when writing a blog

Google doesn’t specify exactly what it takes to pass the Adsense review, but it does specify what it takes to pass the review.

Here are some of the improvements I made to tamocolony to get it closer to the “blog Google is looking for”.

Improvements to the blog (1) | Number of words

The quality of a blog is directly related to the quality of its content.

Content in a blog is images and text, but you can’t complete an article with just images.

There is nothing better than a good writing style, but a blog with only a few words will not be regarded as high quality.

This is why I’ve been trying to improve the quality of my blogs by making every article (in Japanese) at least 2,000 characters long.

Improvements to the blog (2) | Media

You need to make an effort to keep users coming back to this page as much as possible, for example by adding images to each headline.

A blog that is too preoccupied with making money will inevitably lead to many users leaving.

I follow Google’s policy and create articles in a way that puts the visitor first.

For these images, I use a service called “Canva”. If you are interested, click here↓.

Improvements to the blog (3) | Aggregation and research

As a blogger, you should be able to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to some extent.

This is because you can rewrite or noindex articles based on which articles are gaining popularity and which articles are listed at the top of Google’s search results.

In fact, there are several articles on this blog that are less than 2,000 words, but I have already noindexed those articles that are not ranking well.

noindex processing

To put it simply, it is to prevent your blog from appearing in Google’s search results.

The disadvantage is that it will not show up in Google’s search results, but in return, the corresponding article will not affect the “total value of the blog”.

Current daily earnings

I passed Google Adsense and immediately started placing ads properly, and at the time of writing, exactly 20 hours have passed.

At this point, the revenue of this blog is about 760 yen.

That’s about 30,000 yen per month in estimated earnings. The return on my writing may still be small, but I will continue to strive to make the blog more satisfying for my visitors.


So, in this article, I reported on my dream of passing Google Adsense and introduced the specific improvements I made to this blog in order to pass.

If you can make use of my experience in managing this blog, please feel free to consult me on Twitter or on the contact page.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

I am Japanese, and my computer is set up in Japanese. So there may be some differences in the names of the buttons and windows.

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