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【August issue of Tamocolo Monthly】Self-introduction again, etc.

On or around the first of every month, I’ll be looking back on my blog operations for the previous month.

It was at the end of June 2021 that I first thought of starting a tech blog, a so-called technology introduction blog, which was just a direct link to the manuals I had been creating personally.

Since the time I started this blog, I have actually had various goals and changes in my mind.

This is the monthly report for August 2021 on tamocolony, with the purpose of organizing my feelings.

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Self Introduction




Currently challenging various projects on Twitter

100DaysOfCode Challenge

Currently, he wants to become a programmer from a network engineer, and is using Udemy to learn development.

This has made it a habit for him to always learn and tweet about development every day with #100DaysOfCode. Thanks to this challenge, he has gained dozens of overseas followers.

There is even a bot that detects this hashtag and automatically retweets it, so there is never a lack of response to this hashtag. We are planning to continue using this hashtag for learning purposes.

Post a blog every day for 100 days

If I’m going to start a blog, I need to do a lot of blogging first, so I decided to take on this challenge.

If you want to become a blogger and sign up for a server, get a domain name, and install WordPress, the number of rivals will decrease considerably if you don’t write more than 30 articles.

Daily updates are not only valued in terms of SEO, but they also increase your proficiency in article writing because you repeat the same thing every day.

PV number/profit of tamocolony(English) in August

This blog was launched on August 5, 2021.

I’ve been working on it steadily, and the current total PV number is 324.

By the way, I haven’t been reviewed by Google Adsense yet.

I’m not too concerned about the numbers, I’m just going to keep working on the numbers.


I started this article in English because I thought that the country of origin does not matter when it comes to technology, but it is getting a good response.

The following are some of the articles that have received the most response.

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Future goals

My goal for the time being is to try to maintain the style of my main job, side job, and blogger for a while.

VOICEROID+ Tomoe Minoyasu EX Download Version

I am Japanese, and my computer is set up in Japanese. So there may be some differences in the names of the buttons and windows.

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