How to change the hard disk format to ntfs format when it is set to Raw.

The method I’m going to introduce here is effective if your HDD (SSD) is broken and you need to reinstall the Windows OS, but the hard disk format is raw and you cannot install Windows.

There is actually a way to open a command prompt on the Windows installation screen, and you can change the disk format on this command. This article will explain the specific procedure.

Operation Procedure

Assumed environment

A USB memory stick created as a Windows installation disk is plugged into the computer.

On the Windows installation screen, press the “Shift” key and the “F10” key at the same time to open the command prompt. On this command prompt, perform the following steps in the following order.



▲The list of disks recognized as disks will be displayed.


▲In the circle, enter the number of the disc that is “Raw” as confirmed by LIST DISK.


▲Basically, there should be only “1”. You can see the list of partitions set on the disk.



▲This is where the actual partitions and disks are converted to NTFS format.

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▲You should be able to see that the hard disk is recognized as drive ○ in the volume list because it has been converted to NTFS format. Also, make sure and remember that the USB memory is also recognized as drive.


▲This will get you out of DISKPART.

CD △:

XCOPY △: ◯: /E /H /K

▲○ is the hard disk drive and △ is the USB drive.

Settings after Windows installation

After performing this operation and installing Windows, you will see a screen asking you to choose between “Start Windows” or “Start Windows Installer” at startup.

To remove this screen, go to “System” – “Advanced system settings” – “Startup and recovery: Settings” – “Uncheck the time to show the operating system list” and it will disappear.


This article introduced how to deal with a hard disk that is in raw format due to some kind of anomaly. If you are trying to set up a PC for your company or revive a junk PC, please give this a try.

I am Japanese, and my computer is set up in Japanese. Because I am Japanese and my computer is set up in Japanese, there may be some differences in the names of buttons and windows.

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