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Pixel 4a advantage] iPhone SE2 vs Google Pixel 4a in-depth comparison

The iPhone series offered by Apple Inc. and the Pixel series offered by Google Inc. What can be said for both of them is that they offer “just the right easy model”.

The models that fall into this category are Apple’s iPhone SE2 and Google’s Pixel 4a, which will be compared in this article.

As it turns out, the price and performance are almost the same, but I personally think the Pixel 4a has the edge. This article presents the results of a thorough comparison of the iPhone SE2 and Pixel 4a.

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Features | iPhone SE2 vs Pixel 4a

Features of iPhone SE2


The features of the iPhone SE2 are as follows

  • Same chip performance as iPhone 11Pro
  • Same size as iPhone 8, easy to hold
  • Overwhelmingly cheaper

Pixel 4a Features


The features of the Pixel 4a are as follows

  • Larger battery capacity
  • Even cheaper than the iPhone SE2
  • Comes with an earphone jack

Common features of iPhone SE2 and Pixel 4a

The iPhone SE2 and Pixel 4a have a lot in common. These features are as follows.

  • Support for FeliCa
  • Low price
  • Uses nanoSIM
  • Can be unlocked with fingerprint authentication

Specifications | iPhone SE2 vs Pixel 4a


The Pixel 4a itself was probably developed with the iPhone SE2 in mind, so it is safe to say that the specs of the two are almost identical.

The Pixel 4a itself was probably developed with the iPhone SE2 in mind, so it’s safe to say that the specs are about the same, but there are some minor differences, so keep an eye out for the specs you need.

Google Pixel 4a Apple iPhone SE (2020)
Carrier SIM Free、Softbank SIM Free、Softbank、docoomoau
SIM Slot Single nanoSIM、eSIM シングルnanoSIM
SIMフリー: nanoSIM+eSIM(Dual SIM Dual Standby DSDS対応)
Price 128GB: 42,900yen 64GB: 49,280yen
128GB: 54,780yen
256GB: 66,880yen
OS Android 10 iOS 13
CPU CPU: Snapdragon 730G octa-core (4x2.2GHz+4x1.8GHz) A13(Bionic Chip)
GPU Adreno 618
microSDカード Unsupported
モニター 5.81 inch 4.7 inch
生体認証 Rear fingerprint authentication (Pixel Imprint) Fingerprint authentication (Touch ID)
防水・防塵機能 なし IP67
背面/アウトカメラ 12.2 million pixels F1.7 12 million pixels F1.8
正面/インカメラ 8 million pixels F2.0 7 million pixels F2.2
動画機能 背面: 4K 30fps、Full HD120/60/30fps、HD240/60/30fps
正面: フルHD/HD/480p 30fps
4K 60/30/24fps、Full HD 240/120/60/30fps、HD 30fps
カメラ機能 Optical and electronic image stabilization, image phase detection AF, super-resolution zoom, nightscape mode, astrophotography mode, portrait mode, HDR+ shooting, dual exposure compensation, top shot, time lapse, AR Core Optical image stabilization, Portrait mode, Portrait lighting, Panorama, HDR, Smart HDR, AR (Augmented Reality)
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (Wi-Fi 6)
FeliCa ○(Apple Pay)
Bluetooth 5.0(aptX HD、LDAC、AAC) 5.0
Battery capacity 3140mAh 1821mAh
Supported Charging USB PD 2.0, 18W fast charge, auto adjust battery function Fast charging (up to 50% charge in 30 minutes)
Wireless charging nothing ○(Qi)
TV Not compatible with One Seg and Full Seg
headphone jack nothing
Connectors USB Type-C (3.1 Gen 1) Lightning
width 69.4mm 67.3mm
Height 144mm 138.4mm
Depth/Thickness 8.2mm 7.3mm
Mass/weight 143g 148g
color Just Black, Beary Blue Black, White, (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition

Advantages and disadvantages | iPhone SE2 vs Pixel 4a


Benefits of iPhone SE2

The advantage of the iPhone SE2 is that it has the same specs as the iPhone 11Pro, allowing you to enjoy gaming and web browsing at the same speed as the iPhone 11Pro, but in a lighter and smaller size to carry around.

With these specs, as of the date of this writing (2021/08/01), I don’t feel any sluggishness when playing high-load games on the iPhone SE2.

In addition, it supports the latest Wi-Fi6, so if you have a router that supports it, you will be able to use your device with even faster communication.

Disadvantages of iPhone SE2

This was also mentioned as a problem with the iPhone 8, but the battery capacity of 1,821mAh is quite low in this day and age, and is the root cause of the rapid sales of mobile batteries since the launch of the iPhone 7.

In terms of terminals, Android still has the upper hand when it comes to smartphones. Android still has the upper hand when it comes to terminals, as it still uses the Lightning connector, which is exclusive to the iPhone, and therefore requires more cords at home.

Why does the iPhone continue to use the Lightning connector while the iPad and Macbook use Type-C?

Advantages of Pixel 4a

It has the same disadvantages as the iPhone SE2, but it has a very good terminal, Type-C charging, and still has the earphone jack.

In addition, it is much cheaper than the iPhone SE2, although the difference becomes clearer when comparing the same capacity. The battery capacity is also 1.5 times larger than the iPhone SE2, so there are fewer situations where you need to worry about charging the battery even if you use it all day.

Disadvantages of Pixel 4a

The disadvantage of the Pixel 4a is that it is not waterproof or dustproof at all. It’s rare to find a model that doesn’t support waterproofing at this point in time, but we can assume that the company sacrificed this point to keep the terminal area.

In addition, the Pixel series is somewhat weak in terms of contracts, and can only be purchased from Softbank if you try to buy it with a carrier contract.



There are a lot of performance comparisons in the smartphone industry, and if we compare performance, the iPhone SE2 would certainly win. However, (in my opinion), is there any smartphone with current mid-range specs that would be inconvenient for normal use?

If you think about it, the population of smartphone users is mostly light to middle users, and there are only a few users who need high specs. Considering this, I personally recommend the Pixel 4a, taking into account the terminal-related features, charging capacity, minimum camera performance, and price.

What do you consider when choosing a smartphone?

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